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Mianyang is located in northwestern sichuan basin, the vast area of 20000 square kilometers, north relies on the sword door in north-west, the chengdu plain in the south, west even huanglong jiuzhai, in the east, the three gorges, is located in chengdu, chongqing, xi 'an and other cities of China "west triangle" and chengdu-chongqing economic zone core area, known as the "intones throat", "the sword gate lock-and-key". Area 1, 2, jurisdiction 6 counties provincial science city offices, a total population of more than 540, including urban area of 100 square kilometers, population 1 million, is the second largest city of sichuan province. Mianyang now have A level scenic spot of 12, of which contains four 4 A grade scenic spot, 36 hotels, travel agencies, 52, the national agricultural tourism demonstration site 2, and mianyang, is the national tourism administration named the only science and technology national industrial tourism demonstration base. Here are the powerful magnificent natural landscape, colorful humanistic culture, unique style qiang amorous feelings, modern science, technology and industry, make the city beautiful environment, unique charm city, mianyang has won the United Nations to improve residential environment example prize, national sanitary city, national garden city, national environmental protection model city, China excellent tourism city, the only city of science and technology, the national advanced city spiritual civilization construction and so on many awards. This year, joined the "best tourism alliance" in the west of China in mianyang, and to "hainan international tourism alliance".

Mianyang is a place with a long history, here called "fucheng city" "continous state", always is the northwest sichuan political, economic and cultural center and hub of land and water transportation, it has 2200 years history of the city. Here is the founder of the xia dynasty, the birthplace of the water-control hero dayu, also is the mother of the yellow emperor yuan princess, silk wishing to hometown; Is famous in the world of the great romantic poet li bai's hometown, is also the song dynasty literary giant ouyang xiu, poem calligraphy master chief, gifted scholar in the qing dynasty scholar li yuan "father" of sichuan cuisine's hometown. Mianyang is a magical place. This is the first atomic bomb, the first of the republic of missiles, research and development of the birth of the first artificial earth satellite. "Two new" deng jiaxian anonymity here, silent dedication for 20 years, as a regional city, mianyang, together with the Chinese academy of engineering physics, China academy of gas turbine, the aerodynamic center of China and other 22 national-level scientific research institutes and 12 universities such as southwest university of science and technology; Assemble, including 26 member of both houses, more than 170000 scientific research and engineering and technical personnel. Mianyang is where a hero unyielding. "5.12" earthquake, the city suffered a rare disaster history, we use the ideal cohesion strength, with strong faith casts, condensed with true love, took the great victory of the earthquake relief, we around the "three years to rebuild two years completed" goal, project as the core, in order to invest for the spindle, to promote recovery, 30 tourism projects, have all started, completed investment of nearly 1.1 billion yuan. At the same time, the city is also a place full of hope. Earthquake to mianyang's tourism facilities, industry development has brought the unprecedented disaster, but also brought unprecedented opportunities. Is put up in the city tourism supporting industries, make mianyang, highway, railway, aviation "trinity" of regional comprehensive traffic hub, the years 2012 to form 1 the light rail, article 2 of railway, four high-speed, 12 routes of three-dimensional transport network, formed by 2020, 6, 6 railway high-speed, 30 routes inbound and outbound channel, built the basic western important regional integrated transport hub, the western regional science and education center, business center, financial center, logistics center and tourism hub.

Mianyang is the only science and technology city in China, here is the city of wisdom, the hometown of li bai, here is the sword gate lock-and-key, jiuzhai portal! Came to mianyang to "near hydrogen bombs, grasp li bai culture, look back at da ai beichuan, blessing to wenchang temple, feel the qiang amorous feelings, experience the original landscape, leisure magic city". Mianyang is "5.12" wenchuan earthquake disaster area, the leadership of the municipal party committee the city's 5.4 million people are working hard to post-disaster reconstruction, bend force construction of "science and education in mianyang, mianyang, livable, forest in mianyang, mianyang, unimpeded in mianyang, mianyang, clean, harmonious," "phoenix nirvana, ashes," post-disaster mianyang will more prosperous and more beautiful, "to break the cocoon chrysalis, unreal butterfly" mianyang tourism is making a big recovery after a disaster, big, big development, and opening up, with their punters intones culture, anti-seismic memorial red punters, science, technology and industry punters, big jiuzhai tourist circle line build and the continuous improvement of the supporting facilities, the city of the city of mianyang city science and technology, the wisdom will be "resort, a food paradise, the entertainment world, b&q paradise". Mianyang will spread in a whole new image of tourism, the whole heart service to colleagues and friends from all walks of life satisfaction in mianyang, joy in mianyang!