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Entertainment wind tunnel
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To explore space, eager to fly freely in the sky like a bird, always is the dream of human history, almost all people in the world have had myths and legends about flying. Everybody is very familiar with chang e, vega and tianhe meet, the development of a far and so on, all is the dream of our ancestors exploring space. Our ancestors as early as the pre-qin period flying in to practice, such as mo zi and states have made wooden bird can fly; Also gave his life in order to realize the dream of space flight, the most typical example is the "flying".

In Ming dynasty, there was a magistrate called wanhu, very obsessed with exploring space. He tied himself in the chair, hold two big kite, the seat is bound to the rockets, try to use the rocket thrust and lift force kites into space. Result is tragic, of course, but his courage and predicted, for human being into space opened the train of thought, therefore, he is recognized as the world's first attempt to use rocket flight. In order to commemorate the aviation pioneer, scientists in the United States to the moon on the back of a crater named "wanhu craters'. In the United States international's national air and Space Museum in Washington, hang a piece of the Chinese people proud of brand, the big sign reads:" the first aircraft is kite and rocket in China. "

After human exploration and attempt to flying, in 1903, the lake brothers finally turned the dream into reality. Today, the humans have wind flying in the air for over 100 years, not only fly on the day on the moon, also went into space.

Today, after all, can flying, landing on the moon, the space is very little part of it. We know that modern society people to challenge self desire is more and more strong, can fly freely in the air has become ordinary people desire, such as skydiving. But, for the average person, airborne jump is one of the risk is very big, but again, the price is very expensive. So safe and cheap skydiving simulator, the entertainment wind tunnel arises at the historic moment.

We saw the building is Asia's largest wind tunnel (Malaysia there is a small entertainment), the country's first entertainment wind tunnel, it is the aerodynamic center and combined to create a new work relating to zhuhai.

We know that the wind tunnel is refers to the artificial manufacture and control of air flow, and can be observed current or current interaction between objects and plumbing. Normally, wind tunnel are used for scientific test, wind tunnel group of the city, just as we are mainly used in aerospace vehicles and equipment type selection of aerodynamic experiment. Is now widely used in our economic construction and economic life, such as high-rise buildings, large Bridges, transportation can be aerodynamics in a wind tunnel test.

Wind tunnel is generally regular for scientific experiments, and we saw the wind tunnel is a special wind tunnel, it is used for leisure and entertainment, so we call it entertainment wind tunnel. The wind tunnel is 3.6 meters in diameter, height is 6.5 meters, can accommodate 1-4 people entertainment at the same time. The basic principle of it is in a huge L steel structure pipe, through the motor, fan manufacturing a strong upward air flow, when the airflow into the flight compartment at a speed of about 50 metres per second, will blow people up and freely suspended in the air, let a person experience the feeling of floating in space. So, its scientific name should be called "air suspension system. Ok, please enjoy the entertainment. (participants if the action and the body center of gravity control good, can make rotation, flips, leg and hover action, it will be a dance in the air, experience will be floating fairy feeling.)