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Mianyang science and technology museum is located in the picturesque lotus is famous, and FuLeShan sculpture park scenic area, the Chinese scientists and under construction in mianyang museum summit. And adjacent to lotus catering street and fule bus stop in Seoul.

Mianyang science and technology museum set elements 148, with "rocket" as the theme, nuclear science and technology as the main line, exhibition galleries, aerospace, satellite and information exhibition galleries, nuclear weapons and nuclear technology, satellites and space information technology, science and technology in mianyang, five major parts. Mianyang science and technology museum embodies the spirit of "atomic", elements set attaches great importance to the "technological, educational, entertaining, artistry" organic integration. Mianyang science and technology museum, after completion of the number of science and technology museum in China, rich in content and characteristic.

Mianyang science and technology museum is a "rocket" as the theme of science and technology museum. If a the original poster display missiles, rockets, space station and a satellite. Main display on the second floor of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology. Three local cultural development of science and technology in mianyang, if the original poster display. Main point is on the second floor has a 4 d nuclear experience pavilion, you can experience the nuclear explosion of light, heat, shock wave and visual effect. Three LouChangHong show body feeling game, this game is a body feeling according according to the analysis of the player's body movements to control and play games. And changhong 3 d cinematheque watching 3 d movies. Integration of heaven and earth and crystal company information point introduction video.